Promoting financial education for kids 8-16 years old

Through direct means such as lessons and indirectly through unique interactive features

We offer product comprising of debit cards for kids (provided by https://techventures.bank/), with two dedicated mobile apps for money management, financial education, transaction control and expense analysis

Unique on the Romanian and EU market, empowers children to take control of their finances early-on and learn the values of saving and honest work


Addressing a new market segment, this will unleash the potential of financial education to smart and competitive children in our society.


State of the art user experience, gamified and appealing for kids and parents alike


  • Financial lessons

  • Tests

  • Allowance

  • Chores

  • Savings

  • Interest

  • Goals

  • Badges

  • Awards

  • Gifts

  • Transaction History

  • Expense control


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