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The KidsFinance App

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The increasing use of information and communication technologies is changing our daily lives, both economically and professionally. Therefore, raising financially responsible children is an important issue. We live in a digital world and we can't keep our children away from digital applications and devices. What is most recommended, however, is to use this modern technology to teach them lessons for life.

We think it's essential to talk to our little ones about how we allocate the annual budget because the more we talk to them about things like saving money and investing in essentials, the more opportunities for them to understand finance.

Now, going back to the digital part, we want to remind you that mobile applications are very popular these days, and they either solve a common problem or provide entertainment or comfort. We have seen a substantial increase in kid-friendly applications, as more and more users have come to use them regularly.

One of our favorite applications is KidsFinance because it manages to teach children about personal finances. This is such an important topic that must be studied from an early age because when they grow up, they will know exactly how to invest in what is essential. KidsFinance also incorporates other benefits for children, including:

  • The power of saving - promoting financial management from an early age;

  • The value of honest work;

  • How to become organized and efficient;

  • Teaches them to use digital payments with the help of the Kids Smart Debit Card, offered in partnership with TechVentures Bank which will bring realism to the whole experience, complementing it perfectly.

Parents, along with their children, can set goals together for the purchase of various items, such as a bicycle, school clothes, and more. This way, it can be seen how saving plays a key role in achieving certain results. The KidsFinance app also helps parents do much more for their children's future with this incredible tool at their fingertips.

Our application allows parents to track their children's expenses, teach them about savings, and even guide them in their first investments. By choosing this option, they can see in real-time where, and on what exactly our children used their card, receiving notifications after each purchase.

Many families are not sure how to approach the "money" subject and how to start discussing personal finances. But, the KidsFinance app will surely manage to arouse their interest while teaching the children about money. Another important fact is that the app will allow them to understand important concepts such as wants versus needs.

Will it always be fun? Certainly! Money is an important element of our lives, and an experience like the one offered by KidsFinance is not found everywhere.

Can KidsFinance teach them one of the most valuable life skills they will ever have? Absolutely! Maybe not from day one, but with consistent practice and a friendly way, they can get there.


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